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We request camera ready art and will resize it appropriately, or will follow your instructions, if given. We have a large selection of clipart. If what you need is not available, we have a cutting-edge art department and can assist you in creating custom art from photographs, business cards, brochures, etc. If you need our extra design assistance creating artwork, it is available at a reasonable charge. Artwork isn’t limited to logos only. Sketch out a diagram of how you want the item to look. Remember that type can be placed on an arc, at angles, placed on either side of clip art, italicized, etc., to create a well balanced design. Use additional paper to sketch your designs and layouts. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes camera-ready vector art or high-resolution digital art. Digital proofs are sent via email for all new orders and reorders.

Call our customer service representatives if you have questions concerning art at 1-800-932-9933. We’re happy to help! You can also email us your artwork to the address below.

Art email: customerservice@americancabinsupply.com

  1. We use digital vector (line art) files from these vector drawing programs: Adobe Illustrator – (.ai) or (.eps) (versions 3 through CC 2023) or Adobe PDF files. *All .eps files need to be saved as “vector” or “editable” .eps formats from vector programs; not to be confused with a raster .eps from Photoshop or paint programs.
  2. All vector art containing fonts MUST BE CONVERTED TO CURVES OR OUTLINES.
  3. We accept monochrome (1 color-black) bitmap image files such as: .tif, .bmp, and .jpg. They must be high-resolution (300 ppi or greater) and BLACK ONLY.

*Emailed artwork can be sent to: customerservice@americancabinsupply.com. Please reference all pertinent information: company name, phone & fax numbers, and PO#. Also please name your artwork by PO# to help us match files. 

  1. Web graphics (rgb 72ppi .jpgs are low-resolution raster).
  2. Vector graphics without the fonts converted to curves or outlines.

Clip Art: Clip art images are available. Digital proof required.

Typesetting: We will typeset 5 lines of text or 75 characters free of charge on orders over $200. For orders under $200, an hourly art charge will apply at $50 per hour with a minimum charge of ½ hour. Please choose one of the fonts available. Written approval may be required. Digital proof is required.

Art Charge: We realize customers may not always have digital ready art and will make our Art Department available at $50 per hour, with a minimum charge of ½ hour. We will quote before any art is done and an approval may be required. Digital proof required.

Art Work Retrieval Fee: To retrieve and forward a digital copy of artwork from current or past orders there will be an artwork retrieval fee of $30.

Trademarks: All copy/art submitted by the customer will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. Factory will be held harmless from all claims and cost arising from these issues. Trademarked, licensed, and copyrighted logos contained in this catalog are not for sale. They are for the illustration of printing capabilities only and do not represent endorsement from their respective owners. By placing an order, customer understands that overruns may be used for digital or print media illustrating factory’s printing capability.

Our factory recommends a product proof for testing before placing an order with a QR code as part of the artwork. The minimum size for a QR code should be 1 inch or larger. This works best with dark ink on light items. The quality of smart phone and choice of QR Code reader app can affect scan ability.

Screen printing is the printing process for smaller quantities and the highest quality image. Screened images are very sharp, crisp, and deliver good ink opacity. This process also gives the ability to overprint multiple colors to solve registration issues in some art. Multiple color logos are printed and re-registered one color at time. The registration can vary approximately 1/8″. Multiple color logos are limited to one side on cups. All artwork is evaluated on a case by case basis. We do not guarantee multicolor imprints until artwork is evaluated and approved for printing.

Pad Printing: Pad Printing is a printing method which uses a silicon pad to pick up ink from a plate and transfer the ink directly onto the item being printed. This printing method is best suited for unusually-shaped items, imprints with fine detail, and halftones. Disadvantages of this printing method are the limited imprint area, ink opacity, and subtle tonal changes in the imprint on large solid areas. Due to the thin ink transfer and limited ink opacity, it is not recommended to print on dark substrates without first putting a white base down. This adds an additional color charge to the cost of the item being printed. On most of our items we are limited to 5 colors of imprint.

4-Color Process: Best for Photo or special effect reproduction. Process printing allows for less than full saturation of the primary colors; tiny dots (halftones) of each primary color are printed in a pattern small enough that it is perceived as a solid color. With half toning, a full continuous range of colors can be produced. Colors may not match exactly if you attempt to print spot color artwork as a CMYK job. We will simply change the colors to a CMYK equivalent in your original files. Keep in mind that spot colors will not convert exactly and may not match material that you’ve previously printed as spot color. It should be noted that the color created by 4-color process printing are not solid colors at all, but rather a series of dots. This is most noticeable in the photographs reproduced in your local newspaper. Four-color reproduction can utilize either vector-based or pixel-based versions of your artwork (as long as the image has adequate resolution). It’s recommended that your digital files are no lower than 300ppi (absolutely not from the internet).

Pros of 4-Color Process: Unlimited colors & color choices and special effect friendly (drop shadows, glows, and gradients).

Cons of 4-Color Process: Degraded color matching ability, loss of solid color integrity, gradients & tints only fade to 20%, and a loss of sharpness in photos or illustration quality.


Emboss & Deboss: Embossing and debossing are printing methods which use heat and pressure to create a raised or recessed image into the product. This printing method is best suited for bold imprints without fine detail, halftones, nor reversed images. These imprint methods are available on all napkins. However please be aware that the image is not as crisp on the Almost Linen Napkins due to the thickness of the product.

Hot stamping is a printing method which uses heat and pressure to transfer a foil to the item being imprinted. Due to the softness of the napkin/coaster, a certain amount of bleeding and fill-in will occur with fine detail/reversed-out images. Logos with fine detail/reversed-out images are recommended to be screen printed. Please note that since foil is stamped on the napkin/coaster, large solid areas may flake during use. Halftone images are not able to be hot stamped. Foil color swatches available further down on this page.

Maximum Imprint: This is listed for each item. We recommend staying 20% under this area. Unless specified, we will enlarge or reduce your image to fit within these areas. Artwork is enlarged and reduced proportionally by both width and height. Therefore, if you request maximum imprint area, only one of the dimensions may be the maximum as stated in the catalog.

Wrap Imprints: Wrap imprints are available, however a complete wrap is unfeasible. There will be a gap of approx. ¾” on screen-printed cups and approximately ½” on digital-printed cups.

Second Side Imprint on Coasters: The imprint orientation is not guaranteed to match the orientation on the first side when printing on both sides of coasters.

Standard Layout: Unless otherwise specified, we will default to our standard placement (marked in blue). Shadow on the napkins illustrates the ruffled edge. Cups are printed one side as a standard, however there is not an extra cost to print as 2 sided or a wrap, but must be specified.

Thin Lines: Our factory recommends you use 1pt line or thicker. Reversed-out lines require 2pts or thicker. (See graphic example below.) If recommendations are not followed, our factory can not be held responsible for the outcome.

Factory recommends using 8pt fonts or larger. Script and reversed-out fonts should be 10pts or larger. (See graphic example below.)


The logo will be printed based on the placement shown on the proof. Slight variation of this placement can occur when printing. This is not considered a defect.

Full bleed imprint is available on Grip-It™ material but it is not recommended for longevity due to the stresses that the product will endure while being used. Recommended cleaning is wiping with a warm damp cloth only.

Diagrams show approximate thickness per 1″. 

Halftones will not appear as smooth on printed products as they appear on a computer screen or printout unless the output device is set to print tints at 55 LPI (for screen-printed napkins), 65 LPI (for screen-printed cups), or 90 LPI (for pad-printed and process-printed items). (See graphic example below.) Tints below 20% at 65 LPI cannot be achieved and tints over 80% at 65 LPI will appear solid. Due to the coarseness of the halftones, our factory recommends that images be given a solid outline. (See graphic example below.)

We do not charge for PMS matching. We take great pride in our ability to match PMS colors. However, color match is only guaranteed +/- one shade on white/clear items. We cannot guarantee color match on dark-colored items. If purchase orders say to use a PMS #, and you describe the color, the factory is only responsible for the PMS #. We do not check to see if the PMS # provided is the color stated. 2X and 4-digit metallic PMS numbers are not available. 800-series colors are limited to the PMS # shown.

If you do not have a PMS #, you may choose from the following color swatches. Please note we do not charge for PMS matching, so feel free to supply a Pantone® color if it is available. 2X & 4-digit metallic PMS colors are not available. 800-series colors are limited to the PMS numbers shown. Asterisk (*) represents the default color when more than one choice is available.



With PMS Equivalent




With PMS Equivalent

Available in Uncoated ONLY




With PMS Equivalent

 Available in Uncoated ONLY.





Digital proofs are emailed within 24 hours. One change can be made to a proof; thereafter, each change will be $10. Any change, including ink color, quantity, packaging, etc will require a new proof. If requesting a proof without factory’s receipt of purchase order for printed items, there will be a $30 charge per item and each additional change is $10. Your order will not be put into the production schedule until the final signed proof is received.

Your order will not be assigned a ship date until the signed proof approval and any instructed pre-payments are returned. After receiving signed approval and pre-payment, we will e-mail an order acknowledgment showing the ship date and method.

Actual printed product. Digital proof required first. Sent within 5 working days. If there are no changes in the final copy of the order, there will be no additional Set-Up charges. The charge for this proof is $25 per color & Set-Up fee per color. Please call customer service for details.

Normal production is 5 working days from receipt of signed proof approval. We’re quite proud of our performance in providing quality work on time.

Production does not begin until all written approvals and any instructed pre-payments are received. Approvals received after 2:00 pm EST will be treated as being received the following business day for production scheduling proposes. Orders received with in-hands date sooner than the standard production time will be treated as a rush job. Please see Rush Services below.

Rush service is available at no extra charge and based on production & inventory availability. However, your order will be required to ship via an AIR METHOD. If this is not acceptable, your order will be given standard production time. All rush orders must ship overnight to ensure you meet your deadline. Call our customer service representatives at 1-800-932-9933 for availability of rush service. Our hours are 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. Let us help you!

We ship via FedEx and must have a complete street address (no PO Boxes) and zip code. Shipping charges to continental US addresses are 8% of order total regardless of size, number of boxes, or weight. Minimum shipping charge is $5. Shipping of export, expedited, and other orders outside of the continental US will be billed at cost.

FOB: All products are shipped FOB. As such, our factory will not be held responsible for lost, damaged, or delayed products caused by the shipping carriers.

Carriers: UPS, Federal Express, Federal Express Ground, UPS Freight, and USPS.

Split Shipments: $7.50 per address and shipping method.

Third Party Billing: $2 per box. If over 100 boxes, the charge is $1 per box.

COD Shipments: Not available.

U.S.P.S. Shipments: $5 per box plus actual freight cost.

Freight Quotes: These are for estimating purposes only.

Carriers Address Corrections: These will be billed at cost and is customer’s responsibility.

The customer is responsible for all duties, taxes, and fees on international shipments. Freight quotes will not be provided, and must ship on 3rd party account numbers.

If there is an “in-hands date” listed, without specific or contradicting shipping information, our factory reserves the right to ship via an expedited method to meet the event date.

All claims must be made within 5 days. Please note that you should expect a reasonable percentage of breakage on disposable plastic drinkware. If, after inspection of the entire shipment, you feel that a claim with the carrier is warranted, we will be happy to help in filing a claim on your behalf. We are not responsible for breakage or damage in transit. Should damage occur, you must save all boxes and packing material as well as broken items for possible inspection by the carrier on your premises. Without the box and packaging material, claims will be automatically denied. Call our customer service representatives and they will assist you in filing a claim.

We will gladly exchange any defective product or errors on our part within 30 days, but otherwise cannot accept returns of imprinted items.

On our website, standard packaging is listed for each item. This is subject to change based on specific requirements and quantities. Unimprinted item packaging may vary from standard packaging.

You may choose to package your products differently from the standard packaging. For this service, a special package charge will apply. Please note that changing packaging may require additional boxes. Below is a list of general guidelines for pricing. We recommend sending all specific packaging requirements to customer service to have the project quoted.

Custom Packaging: $0.30 per package

Custom Labeling: $0.30 per label

When custom fulfillment is requested, submit a detailed request including item numbers, quantity, and packaging details and we will be happy to quote. This is a popular choice for “Lunch and Learn” kits.

When custom collation is requested, submit a detailed request including item numbers, quantity, and collation details and we will be happy to quote.

When special boxing is requested, there is a minimum charge of $5 per box.

Paper products are printed with inks that must evaporate to dry. These vapors may be trapped in the plastic packaging before they have completely dissipated. The inks are dry, but there may be a residual odor in the package from these vapors. Some colors of ink have more odor than others, and the amount of ink coverage can also affect the amount of odor. This odor, should it be present, is not considered a defect. It is similar to painting a room in your home. The paint will be dry, but there will be an odor that remains for several days. Should this odor be a concern, remove the products from the plastic packaging and let them air to eliminate the odor. Normally, once the products are placed for use, any odor that remains will quickly dissipate.

Plastic cups, and plates are sold as disposable and for one time use only. Some cups are stamped as residential top rack dishwasher safe. However, due to environmental variables beyond the factory’s control the imprint is not guaranteed to stay on.

Ink Changes: Ink color changes are available only in increments of 50 pieces at $15 per change.

Copy Changes: Copy changes are not available.

Combined Quantity: Combined quantity pricing is not available.

Over/Under Runs: We make every effort to ship exact quantities ordered. However, over-/under-runs can be up to +/- 10%.

Every effort is made to verify the accuracy of this site and maintain pricing. However, our factory reserves the right to change pricing without notice.

Every effort is made to verify the accuracy of the product information on this site. However, we cannot be held liable for erroneous information.

Every effort is made to verify the color accuracy of the products on this site. However, due to printing and computer monitor limitations, we cannot be held liable for variations in color. If color is important, please order random samples or a product proof.

White napkins will vary in “brightness” from lot to lot. The paper of colored napkins is dyed to achieve its respective color. Therefore, each lot could appear as a slightly different shade. Napkin color could “bleed” when wet. Plastic product colors may vary in color from lot to lot as well. The above stated variation is not considered to be a defect.

The product count has been verified several times throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. When questions arise, the actual shipping weight receipt, automatically generated from the shipping scale, will be used to verify count.

Your logo will be placed as shown on your proof. Understand that the placement can vary slightly during printing. This is not considered a defect.

It is the nature of plastic to scuff and scratch during stacking and shipping. Clear and dark-colored plastic items show this the most. The above stated variation is not considered to be a defect.

Factory reserves the right to substitute our products with one of a similar design and function. Notice may or may not be given at our factory’s discretion.

Any cancellation to a processed order must be in writing and is subject to $30 charge in addition to any material/labor cost.

Any change to a processed order must be submitted in writing and is subject to a $10 charge, in addition to any material/labor cost.

Must be pre-approved by the factory and in no event will be accepted after 30 days from date of delivery.

To order unimprinted items, the cost is based on screen-printed pricing, less a 10% discount. Returns of unimprinted items will only be accepted if packages are unopened, and will be subject to a restocking fee of 25%. All freight charges will be the responsibility of the customer. Packaging for unimprinted items may vary from the packaging listed on the product pages on this site.

All orders are acknowledged with pricing information within 24 hours. It is the customer’s responsibility to check for discrepancies, as the order will be produced accordingly. Please note, after the paper proof is approved, you will receive another acknowledgment showing the ship date and method. Again, it is the responsibility of the customer to verify the information.

The customer must make their own determination that their use of product(s) is safe, lawful, and technically suitable in their intended applications.

We know that your privacy on the Internet is very important to you. As a result, we have prepared this Privacy Policy to let you know there is no information-collecting cookies on American Cabin Supply’s web site, reassuring you of your privacy while browsing our site. You have our word.

It is understood that by submitting an order to the factory, the customer agrees to all of the factory’s terms and conditions, regardless of what is on the customer’s purchase order.

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